Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fruits for the Wilds

Our picture for this weekend was taken by a very good friend of mine while we were trekking up to Mount Hibok-hibok. Our guide told us that this fruit is edible. I was hesitant to take some at first, but after I ate some it, I liked it - so sweet-tasting! I brought lot of these in my backpack pocket to our camp. The Bible said that if Almighty God provided food for the birds of the air. He will surely provide us - His masterpieces, with our needs. He cares for His people (even those who don't know Him) that are made in His own image. He constantly bless us! As result for that blessings we received, we share those to others as well. We are blessed by the sermon this morning telling us that true satisfaction in life is doing the sharing. It has been said that, "a man is contented in his life when he starts doing things not for himself but for others".
(Author....Jerson Paicon)


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